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Moxie. Inspire. Empower. Grow.
Allie Stark

Welcome to Moxie. Inspire. Empower. Grow.

Women supporting women in business and beyond.

About Me

My name is Allie Stark.  My entrepreneurial spirit reaches back to the county fireworks stand I ran as a young girl in Nebraska.  My first real business opened in 2013.  Moxie Estate Sales.   Previous to opening, I had little experience in this field beyond growing up around sales and auctions, but I saw a need for the service, I created it, and I enjoyed many successful years in business.   

My passion for empowering women became the driving force behind the launch of a second business, The Girlfriend Connection, which works to connect women by building social friendship groups. These groups are now expanded across the United States and into Canada and still growing.    

Having observed the absence of great platforms to support women in business, the impossible algorithms of current social media outlets, and the expense of time consuming networking groups, I have created a practical, straightforward space that combines the social features of a Facebook and the professional identity aspect of a LinkedIn, just for women in business. 

Why You Should Join Me

My mantra is to grow by surrounding myself with others who desire to learn, grow and work smarter.  The Moxie. Inspire. Empower. Grow. network embodies these concepts.  Join me in working smarter and helping each other grow along the way.  

The process is simple.  Set up a profile with a one minute bio and you will be on your way to creating/accessing groups, teaching/enrolling in free courses, posting topics for discussion, engaging in polls, setting up/attending events and more. 

Swan Complex

I chose the swan for my logo because I feel like I have what I call a swan complex.  I somehow convinced myself that in order to be a successful business women I have to be perfectly put together at all times, and never let anyone see my feathers get ruffled.  Meanwhile I'm paddling furiously underneath the surface trying to keep it all together.  Maybe you can relate.  

It's unreasonable to expect someone to know it all or to only have good days.  I want this to be a safe space where we don't have to be that perfect polished swan.  We can come together to support one another, share ideas, give advice and inspiration while helping each other grow.  

Inspire and Empower

If I ingnite a spark in you, it isn't taking away from the power or size of my fire.  We can all inspire and empower one another to help us grow into our feathers. 


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